XL Specialized Trailers

XL Specialized trailers for sale at Midco Sales in Chandler, AZ.  Midco Sales is an authorized dealer of XL Specialized trailers including their lowboys and double drop trailers.

XL Specialiazed Trailers

XL Specialized Trailers For Sale

About XL Specialized Trailers

XL Specialized Trailers manufactures heavy haul trailers for the construction, agriculture, wind energy, and oil and gas industries.

Midco Sales has been an official dealer, selling XL Specialized lowboys, double drop trailers, and other heavy haul trailers.

XL Specialized Trailers
1086 South 3rd St
Manchester, IA 52057

(563) 927-4900


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/xltrailers/

XL Specialized Trailer Warranty

New & Improved 5-3-1 Warranty Policy

XL Specialized Trailers introduces a new, industry-topping warranty policy. The new 5-3-1 policy features full five-year structural coverage, full three-year paint coverage, and full one-year coverage on parts and components.

Full 5 Year Structural Coverage
The new warranty policy is an enhancement to the previous policy and is a testament to XL trailers’ superior quality and durability. XL Specialized Trailers is built with premium products: 100k flanges and 80k webs. XL’s trailers are manufactured in Manchester, Iowa with state-of-the-art equipment, by skilled craftsmen. The five-year structural warranty covers the trailer’s structural beams as well as the pin connections between those beams and the crossmembers and outer rails of the load-bearing deck.

Full 3 Year Paint Coverage
XL Specialized Trailers’ new paint warranty guarantees no peeling or delamination and cracking or checking of the paint for three years. XL’s trailers are painted with a corrosion-resistant epoxy primer and urethane topcoat from an industry-leading paint supplier. The paint process is rigorously tested to meet strict adhesion and corrosion-resistant ASTM standards.

Full 1 Year Parts & Components Coverage
Trailer components are critical to a good user-experience. The full parts and component warranty covers axles, suspension, landing gear and all manufactured components as well as air, electrical and hydraulic components for one year.

“Our team is excited to introduce a new and improved warranty policy! It is a testament to the positive changes we have made at our company. Over the last two years, XL’s empowered workforce has improved product quality and reduced warranty expense to the point we are extremely confident in offering this higher level of service and support through our warranty program,” said Stuart Sleper, president and CEO of XL Specialized Trailers. “We are aiming to provide customers greater peace of mind by backing our trailers with the best warranty in the industry. We are there for our customers through the entire order process including after the sale.”

XL’s new policy is effective on all units invoiced January 1, 2021 and after and starts at the time of retail sale or six months after the trailer is completed.