Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers for sale at Midco Sales in Arizona. Midco Sales has new and used lowboys in stock from top manufacturers like XL Specialized, Alpha HD and Brandt.

View the current inventory of lowboy trailers below or scroll down to learn more about lowboys.

Lowboy Trailers For Sale

available 7 cars
aspen 16 tire expando lowboy trailer
2020 Aspen 16 Tire Lowboy
  • Lowboy
  • Aspen
  • Used
  • 46'
2022 Brandt 55 ton lowboy – inv 1
2022 Brandt 55 Ton Lowboy
  • Lowboy
  • Brandt
  • New
2023 alpha hd 55 ton lowboy trailer black -inv 1
2023 Alpha HD 55 Ton Lowboy
  • Lowboy
  • Alpha HD
  • New
  • 53'
2023 alpha hd 55 ton lowboy white – inv 4
2023 Alpha HD 55 Ton Lowboy
  • Lowboy
  • Alpha HD
  • New
  • 53'
XL Specialized extendable lowboy trailer
2023 XL Specialized Extendable Lowboy
  • Double Drop...
  • XL Specialized
  • New
  • 48'
2021 brandt 65 ton lowboy – inv 1
Call For Price
2021 Brandt 65 Ton Lowboy, Jeep, Booster
  • Lowboy
  • Brandt
  • New

About Lowboy Trailers

Lowboy trailers have two drops in deck height:  one right behind the gooseneck and another before the rear wheels.  This creates a lower well for transporting over-sized and tall machinery, making lowboy trailers perfect for hauling excavators, dozers, tractors, and other construction equipment.

Lowboy Trailer Options


Midco Sales has detachable goosneck lowboy trailers for sale.  These trailers are sometimes referred to as RGN trailers.

A hydraulic detachable gooseneck is the fastest and easiest to detach.  It is detached using hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the trailer, allowing the truck to remove the neck.  Machinery can then be loaded from the front of these lowboy trailers.  This hydraulic operation can be run from the truck or from a pony motor mounted on the neck of the lowboy.

A mechanical detachable gooseneck offers a more lightweight neck and requires less maintenance, but isn’t as quick and easy to detach as lowboy trailers with hydraulic gooseneck options.

Jeeps & Boosters

Hauling over-sized or extremely heavy loads adds weight to the tractor and trailer.  A jeep will attach to the truck’s fifth wheel, with the trailer then connecting to the jeeps fifth wheel. The jeep services as an extra set of axles to distribute the weight of the load of the lowboy trailer

A booster distributes heavy weight by increasing the wheel base of the trailer when attached to the rear of the lowboy trailer.

Flip Axles

A lowboy flip axle is used when the trailer’s load exceeds the gross weight that  is allowed on each axle.  It is fixed to the rear frame of the trailer.  When the flip axle is not needed it can flip up onto the lowboy trailer or be removed completely.


Swing-out outriggers allow double drop trailers to haul wider equipment.