Belly Dump Trailers

Belly dump trailers for sale at Midco Sales in Chandler, AZ.   Midco Sales is an authorized dealer for several manufacturers of belly dump trailers including Armor Lite and Ranco.

In addition to new belly dumps, Midco Sales also has used belly dump trailers in stock.

View the current inventory of belly dumps for sale below, or continue scrolling to learn more about belly dump trailers.

Belly Dump Trailers For Sale

Featured Belly Dump Trailer

Armor Lite Belly Dump Trailer

The new Armor Lite belly dump trailer measures  40 feet long with a 23.5 cubic yard capacity.

It features an air ride suspension, aluminum wheels and a Cramaro electric flip tarp.

About Belly Dump Trailers

Belly dump trailers have raised sides, open tops for loading and gates at the bottom of the trailer belly for unloading.  They are designed to minimize weight and maximize payload.

Belly dumps are commonly used for hauling rock, sand and other aggregate product.  They are often used in large construction and paving projects.

Air cylinders control the opening and closing of the belly dump gates.  This can be operated from the trailer or wired into the truck cab.

The belly dump trailers Midco Sales commonly stocks measure 40 feet long and have between 21 and 24 cubic yard capacities.

Belly Dump Trailer Advantages

Belly dump trailer contents can be unloaded in a long line (windrow) while the truck is moving, which allows them to spread material over a large area.  This is an efficient solution for road construction projects because paving equipment does not have to wait for an entire trailer to be unloaded.

Because loads are always centered and do not shift while dumping, belly dump trailers are safer to operate than other types of dump trailers.

Most modern belly dump trailers for sale have a tapered design where the top opening is wider than the bottom opening.  This allows material to flow easier without getting hung-up inside the trailer.

Belly Dump Trailer Options

Tarp Systems

Belly dump trailers can be equipped with flip tarp systems, with manual and electric motorized options available.  Flip tarps are the perfect tarping system for belly dumps because they can cover heaped or irregular loads.

Midco Sales is an authorized dealer of Cramaro tarp systems.  The Cramaro Flip N Go tarp system is the most popular flip tarp system we install on belly dumps.  The Flip N Go can be covered/uncovered in seconds and is operated with a manual hand crank or by the more popular electric, cab-controlled drive.  Midco Sales commonly installs Cramaro tarps on its Armor Lite belly dumps and Ranco belly dump trailers.


Belly dumps are available with single point, air ride or spring suspension systems.  Midco Sales’ Armor Lite belly dumps have spring ride; the Ranco belly dump trailers feature single point suspensions.

Push Blocks

Push blocks provide a safe contact point for belly dumps to be pushed if they becomes stuck, without causing any frame or body damage.  Push blocks are either welded or bolted to the trailer.

bolt on push block
bolt on push block

Belly Dump Trailer FAQ

What are belly dump trailers?

Belly dumps are trailers with hoppers that are loaded from the open tops and dumped through bottom gates that are opened and closed with air cylinders.


What is the weight of a belly dump trailer?

Belly dump trailers weigh as little as 11,000 lbs for a two-axle trailer.  Belly dumps are designed to minimize weight to maximize payload.


What are belly dump trailers used for?

Belly dump trailers are often used for hauling sand, rock and other aggregate product.  They are easy to maneuver and dump their loads in rows which makes belly dumps a popular choice for road construction projects.


What is the cubic yard capacity of a belly dump trailer?

A standard 40 foot belly dump with single hopper will have approximately a 21 cubic yard capacity.  Dual hopper trailers can have larger capacities.