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Jerr-Dan wreckers, rotators and rollback tow trucks for sale at Midco Sales in Chandler, AZ.  Midco Sales is the official Jerr-Dan dealer in Arizona, promoting its line of towing and recovery vehicles.

Midco Sales carries a full inventory of Jerr-Dan parts and also offers repair services (including Jerr-Dan warranty repairs).

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Jerr-Dan Carriers, Tow Trucks, Wreckers, & Rotators For Sale In Arizona

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About Jerr-Dan

Jerr-Dan is a manufacturer of high-quality towing and recovery equipment including tow trucks, wreckers, and flatbed carrier trucks. Jerr-Dan offers a comprehensive range of products to meet the needs of towing and recovery professionals.

Jerr-Dan tow trucks are some of the most popular in the industry, known for their reliability, durability, and performance. Whether you need a heavy-duty wrecker for towing large vehicles or a light-duty wrecker for smaller jobs, Jerr-Dan has a tow truck to meet your needs.

Jerr-Dan MPL and HPL models are particularly popular, offering versatile and reliable solutions for towing and recovery professionals. Jerr-Dan’s rotators are also a popular choice for heavy-duty towing, capable of lifting and rotating even the largest vehicles with ease.

For those in need of recovery vehicles, Jerr-Dan has a range of options to choose from. Their rollback trucks and side recovery systems are designed to safely and efficiently recover vehicles from even the toughest situations.

Jerr-Dan also offers a range of heavy-duty and industrial carriers, perfect for those in need of a powerful and reliable way to transport heavy equipment and machinery.

At Jerr-Dan, quality and innovation are at the forefront of everything they do. They are constantly working to develop new and innovative products that meet the evolving needs of the towing and recovery industry. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder why Jerr-Dan is considered the leader in towing and recovery equipment.

If you’re in need of towing and recovery equipment, consider Jerr-Dan. With a wide range of products to choose from and a reputation for excellence, they are the perfect choice for professionals in the industry.

Jerr-Dan Towing & Recovery Equipment

Jerr-Dan produces towing and recovery products for the entire industry, from single-vehicle rollback bodies to heavy-capacity wrecker tow trucks and rotators.

Jerr-Dan Carriers

Jerr-Dan carriers are available in a range of hauling capacities from 6 ton to 15 ton.   Several other options and customizations are offered:

  • Aluminum or steel deck
  • Deck lengths from 21′ to 30′
  • Upper and lower work lights
  • Light bar packages
  • Winch capacities
  • Remote controls
  • Tie-down kits
  • Dual control stations
  • Under lifts/wheel lifts
Jerr-Dan carrier
Jerr-Dan 6 Ton Steel XLP

Jerr-Dan Wreckers

Jerr-Dan wreckers are easy to operate and are the perfect vehicles for breakdowns and repossessions.  Available options include:

  • Tow sling option
  • Wireless remote control
  • Hydraulic self-loader option
  • Pivoting L-arms
  • Motorcycle attachment option
  • Tow dolly with storage bracket
  • Fifth wheel attachment option
jerr-dan wrecker tow truck

Jerr-Dan Rotators

Jerr-Dan rotators utilize superior technology to provide the ultimate reach, lift, storage and power.

Jerr-Dan rotators boast a combination of heavy-duty capabilities, superior stabilizing technology, commanding rotation, and unsurpassed pulling capacity.   Options include:

  • 3 stage boom
  • Dual side control panels
  • Dual auxiliary winches
  • Drag winch options
  • Boom and underlift remote controls
  • S100 or S130 outriggers

Jerr-Dan rotators are now available with Jerr-Dan’s JFB Body Series on standard and twin steer chassis.

Jerr-Dan 50/60 ton rotator
Jerr-Dan 50/60 ton rotator

Jerr-Dan JFB Body Series

Jerr-Dan’s JFB Body Series provides low maintenance, high impact resistant bodies with a variety of storage, tool and rigging management and lighting options and features:

  • Aluminum roll-up doors
  • LED compartment, DOT and side marker lights
  • Side and rear amber strobe lights
  • Wide variety of tool management options
  • Rear and top body access

Jerr-Dan JFB Videos

Jerr-Dan JFB Silver Body Series

The Jerr-Dan JFB Silver Series is a customizable body that includes the standard components and allows the customer to choose individual storage solutions.

Tire Lift/Bus Arm Accessories

  • Polypropylene storage solution for bus arms and cross tubes
  • Polypropylene cabinet with pull out drawers for housing ratchets

Fifth Wheel Storage

  • Polypropylene bracket that hangs on the wall of the body, accommodates fifth wheel adapter plate

Frame Fork Storage

  • Adjustable polypropylene shelving for 7 sets of forks
  • Adjustable polypropylene shelving for fork adapter, spring hanger adapter and pin bracket
  • End cap/chain adapter steel storage solution

Jerr-Dan JFB Gold Body Series

The JFB Gold Series is the top of the line Jerr-Dan storage body.  It includes the standard components of the Silver Body plus all available storage solutions.

  • Rotary chain rack
  • Chain binder storage
  • Tilt down drawers
  • Snatch block storage
  • Shackle storage
  • Sliding chain board
  • Stay dry silo
  • Tool chest
  • Recovery tool storage
  • Dedicated storage for traffic cones, ladders, tow lights, wheel chocks, fire extinguisher, shovel, etc.