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Jerr-Dan wreckers, rotators and rollback tow trucks for sale at Midco Sales in Chandler, AZ.  Midco Sales is the official Jerr-Dan dealer in Arizona, promoting its line of towing and recovery vehicles.

Midco Sales carries a full inventory of Jerr-Dan parts and also offers repair services (including Jerr-Dan warranty repairs).

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Jerr-Dan Carriers, Tow Trucks, Wreckers, & Rotators For Sale In Arizona

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2023 kenworth industrial carrer tow truck – inv 1
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2023 Kenworth Industrial Carrier
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2023 freightliner jerr-dan rollback – inv 1
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2023 Freightliner M2 Rollback
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2017 hino rollback – inv 1
2017 Hino Rollback
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2011 hino rollback – inv 1
2011 Hino Rollback
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2023 kenworth jerr-dan industrial carrier – inv 1
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2023 Kenworth Industrial Carrier
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2017 ford tow truck – inv 1
2017 Ford F450
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2008 ford rollback tow truck – inv 1
2008 Ford F650 Rollback
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2022 freightliner jerr-dan rollback – inv 1
2022 Freightliner M2 Rollback
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2022 freightlner jerr-dan tarp – inv 1
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2022 Freightliner Rollback Sliding Tarp
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jerr-dan rollback cramaro tarp all – inv 1
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Jerr-Dan Rollback with Cramaro Tarp All Tarping System
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About Jerr-Dan

Jerr-Dan is the leading manufacturer of products for the towing and recovering industries.  Their product line includes rotator tow trucks, car carriers, wreckers, and industrial transporters.

Jerr-Dan was formed in 1972, producing tow trucks.  Over the decades, Jerr-Dan became an innovator, developing new products for the towing business.

Today Jerr-Dan is the leading tow truck manufacturer with a commitment to quality, innovation and customer service.   They continue to grow and expand by utilizing their superior distribution network of Jerr-Dan dealers, including Midco Sales, the Arizona Jerr-Dan dealer.

Jerr-Dan Towing & Recovery Equipment

Jerr-Dan produces towing and recovery products for the entire industry, from single-vehicle rollback bodies to heavy-capacity wrecker tow trucks and rotators.

Jerr-Dan Carriers

Jerr-Dan carriers are available in a range of hauling capacities from 6 ton to 15 ton.   Several other options and customizations are offered:

  • Aluminum or steel deck
  • Deck lengths from 21′ to 30′
  • Upper and lower work lights
  • Light bar packages
  • Winch capacities
  • Remote controls
  • Tie-down kits
  • Dual control stations
  • Under lifts/wheel lifts
Jerr-Dan carrier
Jerr-Dan 6 Ton Steel XLP

Jerr-Dan Wreckers

Jerr-Dan wreckers are easy to operate and are the perfect vehicles for breakdowns and repossessions.  Available options include:

  • Tow sling option
  • Wireless remote control
  • Hydraulic self-loader option
  • Pivoting L-arms
  • Motorcycle attachment option
  • Tow dolly with storage bracket
  • Fifth wheel attachment option
jerr-dan wrecker tow truck

Jerr-Dan Rotators

Jerr-Dan rotators utilize superior technology to provide the ultimate reach, lift, storage and power.

Jerr-Dan rotators boast a combination of heavy-duty capabilities, superior stabilizing technology, commanding rotation, and unsurpassed pulling capacity.   Options include:

  • 3 stage boom
  • Dual side control panels
  • Dual auxiliary winches
  • Drag winch options
  • Boom and underlift remote controls
  • S100 or S130 outriggers

Jerr-Dan rotators are now available with Jerr-Dan’s JFB Body Series on standard and twin steer chassis.

Jerr-Dan 50/60 ton rotator
Jerr-Dan 50/60 ton rotator

Jerr-Dan JFB Body Series

Jerr-Dan’s JFB Body Series provides low maintenance, high impact resistant bodies with a variety of storage, tool and rigging management and lighting options and features:

  • Aluminum roll-up doors
  • LED compartment, DOT and side marker lights
  • Side and rear amber strobe lights
  • Wide variety of tool management options
  • Rear and top body access

Jerr-Dan JFB Videos

Jerr-Dan JFB Silver Body Series

The Jerr-Dan JFB Silver Series is a customizable body that includes the standard components and allows the customer to choose individual storage solutions.

Tire Lift/Bus Arm Accessories

  • Polypropylene storage solution for bus arms and cross tubes
  • Polypropylene cabinet with pull out drawers for housing ratchets

Fifth Wheel Storage

  • Polypropylene bracket that hangs on the wall of the body, accommodates fifth wheel adapter plate

Frame Fork Storage

  • Adjustable polypropylene shelving for 7 sets of forks
  • Adjustable polypropylene shelving for fork adapter, spring hanger adapter and pin bracket
  • End cap/chain adapter steel storage solution

Jerr-Dan JFB Gold Body Series

The JFB Gold Series is the top of the line Jerr-Dan storage body.  It includes the standard components of the Silver Body plus all available storage solutions.

  • Rotary chain rack
  • Chain binder storage
  • Tilt down drawers
  • Snatch block storage
  • Shackle storage
  • Sliding chain board
  • Stay dry silo
  • Tool chest
  • Recovery tool storage
  • Dedicated storage for traffic cones, ladders, tow lights, wheel chocks, fire extinguisher, shovel, etc.