End Dump Trailers

End dump trailers for sale at Midco Sales in Chandler, AZ.  Steel half-round end dumps, high side demo end dumps and aluminum end dump trailers for sale.

Midco Sales is an authorized dealer for Armor Lite, CPS and Ranco end dump trailers.

See the current inventory of end dump trailers below, or scroll down to learn more about end dump trailers.

End Dump Trailers For Sale

About End Dump Trailers

End dumps are trailers that contain a hoist that tilts the body of the trailer upward to dump its contents from a rear gate.

End Dump Trailer Advantages

End dumps typically have higher sides so they can support a larger load capacity than other types of dump trailers like belly dumps and side dumps.

With heavy duty steel sides, end dumps can haul rugged material such as construction debris.

End dump trailers also offer rapid unloading.

End Dump Trailer Options

Aluminum Vs. Steel End Dumps

Aluminum end dumps are lighter and more resistant to corrosion than steel trailers.  Aluminum trailers are capable of hauling sand, asphalt and crushed stone.  But larger demolition materials like concrete, metal and wood may require a steel end dump trailer.

Tarp Systems

End dumps can be equipped with flip tarp and slide tarp systems, with manual and electric motorized options available.  Flip tarps are the perfect tarping system for heaped or irregular loads.

Midco Sales is an authorized dealer of Cramaro tarp systems.  The Cramaro Flip N Go tarp system is the most popular flip tarp system we install.  The Flip N Go can be covered/uncovered in seconds and is operated with a manual hand crank or by the more popular electric, cab-controlled drive.

Suspension Systems

End dump trailers are available with air ride suspensions, spring suspensions or single point suspension systems that keep all tires on the ground while dumping the trailer.

Half Round Vs. Square Tub

A square bottom tub maximizes the capacity of an end dump.  The rounded — or half round — tub centers material as its being dumped and keeps it from getting stuck in the trailer.