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Revolutionize Your Heavy-Duty Towing Operations with Jerr-Dan Industrial Carriers

A heavy-duty carrier is a type of tow truck that is specifically designed to transport heavy vehicles such as buses, RVs, and construction equipment. These carriers are built with heavy-duty steel and are equipped with hydraulic systems that allow them to lift and transport heavy loads.

Midco Sales Named Jerr-Dan Dealer

Jerr-Dan has named Midco Sales the official Jerr-Dan dealer in Arizona to promote its line of towing and recovery vehicles.


Midco Sales is a trailer and truck dealership in Chandler, AZ. We carry all types of semi trailers including flatbeds, belly dumps, end dumps, and lowboys.  Midco Sales is the Arizona Jerr-Dan dealer, promoting their line of tow vehicles.

The service department repairs and maintains all kinds of heavy trucks and trailers.  The parts store carries parts and accessories for all types of trailers and trucks.

Top Manufacturers

Top manufacturers: Landoll, Armor Lite, Reitnouer, Ranco, XL Specialized, CPS, Dorsey, Kalyn Siebert, Jerr-Dan and more.


We work with several finance companies to offer the perfect loan product for our customers.


Full service department for all types of repairs


Replacement parts for all types and makes of trailers and trucks.