55 Ton Lowboy Trailers For Sale

Lowboy trailers are specifically designed for heavy equipment transportation and oversized loads.  A 55 ton lowboy trailer stands out for its impressive capacity and versatility.   In this article, we’ll illustrate the details of these heavy haul trailers, their features and why they are essential for the equipment transport industry.

What is a 55 ton lowboy trailer?

A 55-ton lowboy trailer is specifically designed to transport heavy machinery, construction equipment, and other large cargo. Let’s break down the key components and features:

  1. Capacity:  As the name suggests, these trailers can haul up to 55 tons (110,000 pounds) of weight.  This substantial capacity makes them ideal for transporting bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and other hefty equipment.
  2. Dimensions
    1. Overall length:  55 ton lowboys are typically 53 feet long
    2. Overall width:  the standard width is 102 inches
    3. Deck length:  the typical deck length on these lowboys is around 26 feet
  3. Suspension: Most of the lowboy trailers in stock at Midco Sales have air ride suspension systems and tandem or tri axles.

Why Choose a 55 Ton Lowboy Trailer?

  1. Versatility:  These lowboy trailers can handle a wire range of heavy equipment, making them  indispensable for construction, mining, and industrial projects.
  2. Durability:  Built with high-quality steel, Midco Sales’ 55 ton lowboys can withstand rugged conditions.
  3. Adjustable ride height:  A common feature on lowboys, adjustable height control helps these trailers handle various load requirements.
  4. Hydraulic options:  Dual hydraulics allows these lowboys to be operated with a wet kit or pony motor.


55 Ton Lowboys In Stock

Midco Sales has new 55 ton lowboy trailers for sale at its trailer dealership in Chandler, AZ.

Brandt C550 55 Ton Lowboy

The Brandt 55 ton lowboy measures 53′ x 102″. It has a hydraulic detachable goosneck with a pony motor.

The main deck is 26′ 8″ long and has adjustable ground clearance, front flip ramps and outriggers.

It’s a tri-axle trailer with an air lift on the 3rd axle.  It has aluminum outer wheels.

XL Specialized XL110 HDG

The XL Specialized Guardian 110HDG also has a 53′ foot length and a hydraulic detachable neck with pony motor.

It has a 26 foot main deck with a 22 inch loaded deck height and 6 inch ground clearance.

It has manual ride height control and an air lift on the third axle.

Alpha HD A110HD Lowboy

The Alpha HD 55 ton lowboy has the same 53′ x 102″ dimensions as the other trailers.  It has a 26′ main deck with 18″ loaded deck height.

It has dual hydraulics with the included Honda pony motor.

It features manual ride height control, air ride suspension and, like the other trailers, it also has an lift axle.


The 55-ton lowboy trailer combines strength, reliability, and practical design. Whether you’re moving heavy machinery across state lines or within a construction site, these trailers provide the stability and capacity needed for the job. Invest in quality, choose a 55-ton lowboy trailer, and transport your heavy loads with confidence.