Double Drop Trailers

Double drop trailers for sale at Midco Sales.  Midco Sales carries new XL Specialized double drop trailers, as well as maintaining an inventory of used double drop trailers for sale.

Double Drop Trailers For Sale

About Double Drop Trailers

Double drop trailers are usually used for hauling equipment that can be loaded onto the trailer such as forklifts, cranes and agricultural machinery.  On RGN double drop trailers, the neck is detached from the trailer, allowing equipment to be driven on the trailer from the front.

Double drop trailers have fixed drops at the front and rear of the well.  This design produces a lower bed than a standard flatbed and drop deck trailers, which allows double drop trailers to maintain stability while transporting taller loads.

Double Drop Trailer Options


Double drop trailers can have mechanical detachable goosenecks or hydraulic detachable goosenecks.  Double drop trailers with full-width goosenecks offer an upper deck for additional load capabilities.

Extendable Double Drop Trailers

Extendable double drop trailers can accommodate loads that are both tall and long.  Midco Sales carries XL Specialized extendable double drop trailers with a deck that can extend to various lengths between 29′ and 50′ long.

Flip Axles

Double drop trailers can be engineered to accommodate a flip axle attached to the rear of the trailer.  This axle can flip up to lay on the rear deck or flip down to create an additional axle and extra stability for heavier loads.

Flip Necks

Flip necks allow the double drop trailer to connect to a jeep or a four axle truck to haul heavier loads.

Tie Down Options

Various tie down and load control options are available for double drop trailers, including D-rings, chain slots and stake pockets.


Swing-out outriggers allow double drop trailers to haul wider equipment.

Double Drop Trailer FAQ

What is a double drop trailer?

Double drop trailers have two fixed drops:  one at the front and rear of the main deck.  Having the lower deck makes double drop trailers able to carry taller loads than flatbed trailers or single drop deck trailers.


What is the weight capacity of a double drop trailer?

Double drop trailers can carry 35 tons to 55 tons.


What is the difference between a double drop trailer and a drop deck trailer?

A double drop trailer has drops at the front and rear of the main deck.  A standard drop deck trailer only has one drop near the front, behind the top deck.