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Landoll trailers for sale in AZ.  Midco Sales is an authorized dealer of Landoll trailers, selling its popular Landoll 440 traveling axle trailers and Landoll 930 traveling tail trailers.

Midco Sales also carries Landoll trailer parts for any Landoll model.

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Landoll trailers

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About Landoll Trailers

Landoll is the leading manufacturer of equipment transport trailers.  Hydraulic Landoll trailers serve the construction, towing & recovery, and agricultural industries.

Landoll first began manufacturing trailers in 1969.  Over the next decades, it built up a worldwide customer base.  Landoll is the originator of the popular traveling axle trailer.

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Landoll Trailer Lines

Landoll Traveling Axle Trailers

Landoll 440B Trailers

The Landoll 440B is a sliding axle trailer capable of hauling 40 tons.  It can haul low clearance machinery and features easy one-person operation.  Midco Sales stocks Landoll 440 trailers in black and white.

Landoll 455B Trailers

The Landoll 455 traveling axle trailer has triple axles and has a capacity up to 55 tons.

Landoll 317E Trailers

The Landoll 317E is a 35 ton traveling axle trailer.

Landoll 318E Trailers

The Landoll 318E is a tri-axle sliding axle trailer with a 50 ton capacity.

Landoll 343A Trailers

The Landoll 343 is a trailer for transporting containers.

Landoll 345F Trailers

The Landoll 345 is a tandem axle trailer with pintle hook.  It is commonly used for hauling pavers, graders and loaders.

Landoll Traveling Tail Trailers

Landoll 930E Trailers

The Landoll 930 traveling tail trailer has a tail capable of lifting 24,000 pounds.  A pop-up ramp connects the lower and upper deck, allowing the entire trailer length to be utilized.  Midco Sales stocks Landoll 930 trailers in white and black.

Landoll 935E Trailers

The Landoll 950 traveling tail trailer has a 50 ton capacity and three axles.