Cramaro Tarps

Midco Sales is the Cramaro Tarps distributor in Arizona. Cramaro Tarps is the leading manufacturer of dump truck tarps and trailer tarps.

Cramaro offers trailer tarps for belly dump trailers, end dumps and dump trucks.

cramaro tarps

Cramaro Flip Tarps

Cramaro flip tarp systems have the flexibility needed to cover heaped and irregular loads.  Midco Sales commonly installs flip Cramaro tarps on belly dumps and end dump trailers.  Cramaro tarps also serve as excellent dump truck tarps. Learn more

Cramaro Cable Tarps

Cramaro cable tarp systems provide the benefit of having a tarp system with bows but not having to manually remove the bows for loading or unloading. As the system on these trailer tarps operates the bows automatically move forward and backward in pockets sewn into the tarp.  Cramaro Tarps is the top manufacturer of cable tarps.  Learn more

Cramaro Side Roll Tarps

Side roll systems are excellent solutions when waterproof protection is needed, particularly with agricultural and chemical loads.  Learn more