Used Heavy Haul Equipment Trailers Added To Inventory

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Used Heavy Haul Equipment Trailers Added To Inventory

Two used heavy haul equipment trailers have just been added to inventory at Midco Sales, in the form of a Witzco Challenger lowboy and an XL Specialized double drop trailer.


Witzco Challenger Lowboy

This 2014 Witzco Challenger lowboy trailer has a 50 ton hauling capacity.  It measures just over 51 feet long and 102 inches wide.  The hydraulic, detachable gooseneck is equipped with a self-contained hydraulics system.

Used Heavy Haul Equipment Trailers

The main deck well is 24 feet long.  12 inch swing-out outriggers are mounted on the sides of the trailers for hauling larger machinery.

This lowboy has a five foot beavertail and spring-assisted ramps for loading and unloading equipment from the rear of the trailer.

Used Heavy Haul Equipment Trailers

The tri-axle configuration includes a third axle lift that can raise the axle and tires off the ground, when all three axles are not needed.


XL Specialized Double Drop

This 2008 XL Specialized XL 80 MFG double drop trailer boasts a 35 ton capacity.  It is 48 feet long and 102 inches wide, with a 29 foot main deck length.

It has a mechanical, detachable gooseneck that is ten feet long with D-rings and a wood deck.

The main deck is just over 29 feet long.  Outriggers are installed along the sides of the trailer.

The rear bridge measures 9 feet long and has a 40 inch loaded deck height.  The suspension is an air ride system.

Heavy Haul Equipment Trailers

This double drop trailer has LP22.5 tires (with about 70% of their tread remaining) mounted on outer aluminum (inner steel) tires.


Heavy Haul Trailer Dealership

Midco Sales is a heavy semi trailer dealership, located just outside of Phoenix, in Chandler, AZ.  In addition to the trailers detailed above, Midco Sales maintains a full inventory of new and used heavy haul trailers, including a new 16 tire expando lowboy, a 55 ton lowboy and a 40 ton double drop trailer.

Call a salesperson at (480) 999-0607 or visit the dealership to learn more about any of these trailers.