Used 2017 Belly Dump Trailer

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Used 2017 Belly Dump Trailer

Midco Sales just added a used 2017 belly dump trailer to inventory at its semi trailer dealership in Chandler, AZ.

used 2017 belly dump trailer

This 2017 CPS lightweight belly dump is in excellent condition.  It measures 40 feet long and 96 inches wide with 10 inch wooden bang boards, producing a 22.5 cubic yard capacity.

The gates are operated by twin 8 foot air cylinders and are controlled from the truck cab or from the ground.

The suspension is a Hutch four-spring system.  The trailer has 11R22.5 tires mounted on outer aluminum wheels (inner wheels are steel).

A Cramaro Flip N Go electric tarp system has been installed on this belly dump.

Other features include a bolt-on push block, aluminum front and rear fenders and an LED lighting system.


Like-New Trailer At Used Trailer Pricing

Call Midco Sales at (480) 999-0607 to take advantage of getting a trailer in like-new condition without paying a new-trailer price.

Visit Midco Sales’ dealership in Chandler, AZ — just outside of Phoenix — to see this trailer in person.