Traveling Axle Trailers

Traveling axle trailers for sale at Midco Sales including the Landoll 440 and Kalyn Siebert sliding axle trailer.

Traveling Axle Trailers For Sale

available 3 cars
2019 Kalyn Siebert Hydraulic Sliding Axle
2019 Kalyn Siebert Hydraulic Slidin ...
  • Traveling Axle
  • Kalyn Siebert
  • New
  • 53'

About Traveling Axle Trailers

Traveling axle trailers (also called sliding axle trailers or hydraulic axle trailers) are designed to haul equipment and machinery.  The trailer axles slide forward, allowing the tail to lower to the ground and create a ramp for loading equipment.

Traveling Axle Trailer Options


A winch mounted at the front of the trailer can assist in loading inoperable machinery or stationary loads.