Trailers For Vehicle Towing and Recovery

Trailers designed for large vehicle towing and recovery are available at Midco Sales’ heavy trailer dealership in Chandler, AZ.  These trailers are perfect for hauling vehicles like trucks, buses and inoperable equipment.  They have features like low load angles and powered winches.

Landoll 440 Traveling Axle Trailer

The Landoll 440B-50CA trailer has hydraulic axles that slide forward, lowering the deck to allow vehicles to be driven onto the trailer from the rear.  A 20k winch at the front of the Landoll 440 assists in loading inoperable vehicles onto the trailer.

This trailer measures 50 feet long and has a 40 ton capacity.  A 53′ Landoll 440B-53 trailer is also available.

This trailer has a low clearance upper deck transition so vehicles like forklifts can be loaded onto the top deck.

Landoll 930 Traveling Tail Trailer

The Landoll 930E 51-15 trailer has a hydraulic tail that lowers to create a ramp for loading vehicles onto the trailer from the rear.  The tail can also raise to drive equipment onto it from a loading dock.

This Landoll trailer is 51′ long with a 35 ton capacity.  A pop-up ramp connects the lower deck to the top deck, so the entire length of the trailer can be utilized.

Kalyn Siebert VersaMAXX Bus Trailer

The Kalyn Siebert VersaMAXX trailer is often used for hauling buses, RVs and similar vehicles because of its low loading angle.

This trailer measures 53′ long and 102″ wide and has a 50 ton hauling capacity.

The VersaMAXX has a removable gooseneck, front flip ramps, and removable rear ramps, allowing vehicles to be loaded from the front and rear of the trailer.  Remote control winches are mounted at both ends of this VersaMAXX trailer.

XL Specialized Power Tail Trailer

The XL Specialized Power Tail trailer has a hydraulic tail that is capable of lifting 25,000 lbs.  This trailer has a 40 ton capacity and is 48 feet long.

The tail’s low angle makes it easy for transporting forklifts, rollers and paving equipment.

Heavy Trailer Dealer

Midco Sales is a trailer dealer located in Chandler, AZ, a suburb of Phoenix.  We specialized in heavy equipment transport trailers such as lowboys, traveling axles, traveling tail and tag trailers.

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