Reitnouer Trailers

Reitnouer Trailers

Reitnouer Trailers manufactures aluminum flatbed and drop deck trailers.  Reitnouer’s unique build style involves the implementation of bolts versus welding because, as Reitnouer’s research and experience shows, welding aluminum alloy reduces the aluminum’s tensile strength.  Bolting makes Reitnouer trailers stronger and more durable.

reitnouer trailer dealer arizona

Midco Sales is the Reitnouer Trailer dealer in Arizona, selling Reitnouer flatbed trailers and parts as well as providing warranty repair service.

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Reitnouer Aluminum Flatbeds

Bigger Bubba

  • GVWR 120.000 lbs

Big Bubba

  • GVWR 100,000 lbs


  • GVWR 90,000 lbs


  • GVWR 80,000 lbs

Reitnouer Aluminum Drop Decks


  • GVWR 90,000 – 110,000
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