Reitnouer MaxMiser Weight

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Reitnouer MaxMiser Weight

The Reitnouer MaxMiser weight is approximately 9,200 pounds.  With it’s 90,000 pound GVWR capacity, it is the perfect balance of weight and capacity.

Midco Sales is the Reitnouer trailer dealer in Arizona and stocks the 2018 Reitnouer MaxMiser trailer at its dealership.

Reitnouer MaxMiser Dimensions

  • 48′ x 102″
  • Flatbed Trailer Weight: 9,200 +/- 3%
  • 90,000 GVWR, rated at 60,000 lb in 10′ section & 50,000 lb in a 4′ section

Reitnouer MaxMiser Suspension

  • Air ride

Reitnouer Flatbed Axles

  • Tandem, spread axles
  • Front lift axle

Reitnouer MaxMiser Features

  • Mini coil package
  • Winch track (both sides)
  • (2) toolboxes

For more information on the MaxMiser trailer, or on any of the flatbeds for sale, contact the Midco Sales dealership at (480) 999-0607.