Price Reduction on New Lowboy Trailers

Midco Sales has reduced the prices on some of its new Aspen and Kalyn Siebert trailers.

Aspen 2+3+2 Heavy Haul Trailer

This new Aspen heavy haul trailer has a 2+3+2 configuration with the 2 axle jeep, 3 axle lowboy and 2 axle booster.  This trailer has a 65 ton capacity.

The lowboy trailer measures 53′ x 102″ with a 24′ main deck.  It has a hydraulic detachable gooseneck.

The lowboy, jeep and booster all have air ride suspension and aluminum wheels.

Aspen Expando Lowboy Trailer

The 2020 Aspen 16 tire expando lowboy has a rear frame that expands from 102″ to 120″ wide.

It has a 45 ton capacity.  The main deck measures 22′ 10″ long with a 20.5″ loaded deck height and 6″ ground clearance.

This lowboy has all aluminum wheels, Michelin tires and a walking beam suspension.

Kalyn Siebert VersaMAXX

The Kalyn Siebert VersaMAXX trailer is commonly referred to as a bus trailer, as it is often used for transporting buses, RVs and similar vehicles.

It measures 53′ long and has a 50 ton capacity.  Winches at the front and rear of the trailer assist in loading inoperable vehicles.

Kalyn Siebert Sliding Axle Trailer

This Kalyn Siebert sliding axle trailer is actually a hydraulic traveling axle equipment trailer, not an actual lowboy.

It’s 53′ long with a 55 ton capacity.  It features a low 7-degree loading angle making it the perfect trailer for hauling low-clearance equipment.

Lowboys & Equipment Trailer Dealer

Midco Sales has Kalyn Siebert and Aspen lowboy trailers for sale, as well as other equipment-transport trailers from manufacturers like Landoll and XL Specialized.  Contact the sales office at (480) 999-0607 to learn about any of the trailers in stock.