New Dorsey 48 Ft and 53 Ft Flatbeds In Stock

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New Dorsey 48 Ft and 53 Ft Flatbeds In Stock

Several new Dorsey 48 foot and 53 foot flatbeds have been added to inventory at Midco Sales’ semi trailer dealership in Chandler, AZ.

Midco Sales is an authorized Dorsey trailer dealer, promoting its line of flatbed and drop deck trailers.


Dorsey 48 Foot Trailers

There is one 2019 Dorsey 48 foot flatbed with closed tandem axles available.  This trailer has an air ride suspension system, an aluminum deck (with wood nailers), one toolbox and polished aluminum outer wheels.   It also features a coil package that reinforces the trailer for hauling steel coils.

dorsey flatbeds

Also for sale are two new Dorsey spread axle flatbeds.  These trailers have many of the same specs as the previous trailer, including air ride suspension, coil reinforcement package, aluminum wheels and aluminum deck.

dorsey flatbeds

The toolbox on these flatbeds is mounted between the spread axles on the driver’s side of the trailer.

Other features include chain ties, sliding winch tracks and six winches on each side.


Dorsey 53 Foot Trailers

Three 53 foot Dorsey trailers just arrived at Midco Sales this week.  These 53′ x 102″ combo flatbeds have rear sliding axles, aluminum outer wheels, coil packages and aluminum toolboxes.

They also have Air Weigh liquid air scales and LED lighting.

dorsey flatbeds


Contact a trailer sales rep at (480) 999-0607 to learn more about these trailers or about any of the Dorsey trailers in stock, including new flatbeds with forklift kits.