New Demo End Dumps In Oran MO

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New Demo End Dumps In Oran MO

Midco Sales has two new demo end dumps in Oran, MO.  These 2018 CPS high side demolition end dump trailers are available today.  They measure 40 feet long, 102 inches wide and have 100 inch tall sides.

new demo end dumps

The sides and floors are constructed with AR450 steel.  The nine-pannel barn door gates are also made from AR450 Hardox steel.

These trailers have Hutch H900 single-point 50,000 pound suspension systems, tandem axles, steel wheels and 11R22.5 tires.

Other features include front and rear ladders and Jost two-speed landing gear.


Financing Available

Midco Sales works with several finance companies to provide loan products to its customers.  Complete an application to begin the funding process.


CPS Trailer Dealer

Midco Sales is an authorized CPS trailer dealer, promoting its line of end dump and belly dump trailers.  Call a member of the sales team at (480) 999-0607 or more information on these end dumps or on any of the CPS trailers for sale including a new CPS 38 foot end dump and 2019 CPS lightweight belly dumps.