New Belly Dump Trailers For Sale

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New Belly Dump Trailers For Sale

Midco Sales has new belly dump trailers for sale at its trailer dealership in Chandler, AZ — just outside of Phoenix — from top trailer manufacturers like Ranco, CPS, and XL Specialized.


CPS Belly Dump

A 2019 CPS lightweight belly dump trailer is 40 feet long and 96 inches wide, producing a 22.5 cubic yard capacity.  It weights approximately 12,980 pounds.

New Belly Dump Trailers For Sale

It has a Hutch H-9700 four spring lightweight suspension system.  The Continental HSR 11R22.5 tires are monted on outer aluminum wheels and steel inner wheels.

A Cramaro Flip N Go electric tarp system has been installed on this belly dump.


Ranco LW21-40 Belly Dump

Midco Sales was recently named the authorized Ranco trailer dealer in Arizona, and has a full inventory of 2018 Ranco lightweight belly dumps for sale.  These trailers measure 40 feet long, producing a hauling capacity of 21 cubic yards.  They have single point suspensions, aluminum wheels and removable push blocks.

There are several of these bottom dump trailers in stock.  Conact the sales office at (480) 999-0607 to discuss pricing and multi-trailer discounts.

Ranco belly dump trailers for sale


XL Specialized Belly Dump

The 2017 XL Specialized xL60BD belly dump trailer also measures 40 feet long and 96 inches wide.  This trailer has a 25 cubic yard capacity.

New Belly Dump Trailers For Sale

This trailer has a spring suspension system.  The air-operated gates feature electric cab control.

A Cramaro electric tarp system is also included on this XL Specilized belly dump.


Both these trailers are in stock and available for purchase today.  For more information on these two trailers — or on any of the belly dump trailers for sale — contact Midco Sales at (480) 999-0607.

Midco Sales is the CPS, Ranco and XL Specialized trailer dealer in Arizona.