Manac Trailers

Manac trailers for sale at Midco Sales in Chandler, AZ.  As an authorized dealer of Manac trailers, Midco Sales has an inventory of Manac flatbed trailers and Manac drop deck trailers.

Midco Sales’ inventory includes Manac drop deck trailers and Manac flatbed trailers in 48′ and 53′ lengths.

View the current inventory of Manac trailers below, or scroll down to learn more about Manac.

manac trailers

Manac Trailers For Sale

About Manac Trailers

Manac Trailers is a leading manufacturer of flatbed and drop deck trailers, as well as producing chip and logging trailers, grain hoppers, lowbeds, vans and belt trailers.

Manac Trailers was founded in 1966.  Throughout the 1970s and 1980s it manufactured steel and aluminum van trailers.  In 1991 Manac Trailers built its first combo flatbed trailer.  Midco Sales began selling Manac flatbed trailers and drop decks in 2012.

Manac Trailers currently has plants in Canada and the US which produce several lines of trailers including Liddell, Ultraplate, Ultravan, CPS, Darkwing, and Peerless.

Manac Trailers USA
8593 State Highway 77
Oran, MO 63771

(800) 545-5086