2021 Aspen 16 Tire Expando Lowboy

Aspen 16 tire expando lowboy trailer for sale at Midco Sales.  Key Trailer Specs:  expando lowboy trailer, 16 tire lowboy, 45 ton lowboy, expanding rear wheel section, aluminum wheels, walking beam suspension.

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This new Aspen lowboy trailer has been designed to be an ultra light weight heavy haul transporter with an expandable rear wheel area.

This 16 tire lowboy has a 45 ton capacity and measures 46′ long. The main deck is 22′ 10″ long with a 20.5″ deck height and 6″ of ground clearance.

This Aspen lowboy trailer has a walking beam suspension and all aluminum wheels.

Aspen trailers

Expando Lowboy Trailer Specs


This Aspen 45 ton lowboy trailer measures 46 feet long.

  • Length: 46′
  • Width: 102″
  • Weight: 14,780 lbs (+/- 3%)
  • Capacity: 45 tons
Aspen lowboy trailer dimensions


  • Upper coupler height: 50″
  • Swing clearance: 80″ / 108″
  • KP to rear axle: 40′


This 16 tire lowboy trailer is a RGN trailer, meaning it has a removable neck.

  • Wide mechanical detachable gooseneck
  • Tapered front end for extra tractor clearance
  • Aspen style spring loaded locking pin
  • Two king pin positions with drop-in king pin
  • Profiled back end of gooseneck for extra equipment clearance
  • Tractor ramp rollers with removable pin
Detachable neck


This Aspen lowboy trailer has portable ramps stored in the deck of the trailer.

  • Deck length: 22’10”
  • Loaded deck height: 20.5″
  • Ground clearance: 6″
  • Decking: 3″ Apitong outer board, 2″ Rough fir inner
  • Fully fabricated, extra high yield beams
  • Built in deck end ramps
  • Recessed bucket cover plate in last 5′ of deck, allows easy access to air system components
  • Recessed cross member on rear deck transition for boom clearance
  • Portable rear loading ramps
Portable ramps


This expando lowboy trailer has a wheel area that expands from a 102″ width to 120″ (watch video of expanding frame)

  • Aspen 16 wheel removable expanding sub frame (expands from 102″ to 120″)
  • Partial beavertail design
  • Aspen style load bearing bolsters mounted between axles
  • One pair of flag holders, c/w Aspen wide load flags
  • One pair of D-sign holders, 22 1/2″ centers
  • 2x Pneumatic aluminum cylinders providing expanding force
Expando lowboy expands rear width from 102 to 120 inches


  • Cross chain tie downs on corners of deck, sub frame, and rear of gooseneck
  • Chain tray in front of deck
  • Chain pockets opposite each crossmember


  • 60,000 lb walking beam suspension


This 45 ton lowboy trailer has all aluminum wheels.

  • Polished aluminum outer wheels, machined aluminum inner wheels
  • 215/70R17.5 Michelin XTA LR tires
Aluminum wheels, Michelin tires


  • Air brake system FMVSS compliant
  • Air valves and connections mounted in protected areas
  • DOT 12V system, 7-way connector with LED rubber grommet slighting to meet US FMVSS
  • Strobe lights in rear

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