2021 Aspen 2+3+2 65 Ton Lowboy, Jeep, Booster

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Aspen 2+3+2 lowboy trailer for sale at Midco Sales in Chandler, AZ.   Key Specs:  2+3+2 heavy haul trailer, 65 ton lowboy trailer, lowboy jeep, lowboy booster, 53 ft lowboy, RGN trailer.

This heavy haul trailer is a 2+3+2 lowboy trailer with the included lowboy jeep and a lowboy booster.

The Aspen 65 ton lowboy trailer is designed for versatility. It has a hydraulic detachable gooseneck and the swing clearance to suit a tandem or tri-drive tractor.

This 2+3+2 lowboy trailer includes a 35 ton lowboy jeep and 20 ton lowboy booster.  The lowboy jeep has many of the same specs as the trailer, including aluminum wheels and air ride.  The included lowboy booster distributes the weight by increasing the wheel base of this 65 ton lowboy trailer.

Aspen trailers

Aspen 2+3+2 Heavy Haul Trailer Specs

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      Lowboy Trailer Specs


      The 53 foot lowboy trailer in this heavy haul transporter has a 23 foot well.

      • Length: 53′
      • Width: 102″
      • Deck Length: 24′
      53 foot Aspen lowboy trailer


      • Upper Coupler Height: 50″
      • Swing Clearance: 88″, 112″
      • Flip Swing Clearance: 168″


      This Aspen lowboy is an RGN trailer, meaning it has a removable neck.

      • Narrow hydraulic removable gooseneck
      • Two kingpin positions and removable kingpin
      • Hydraulically operated swing down support arm with shimmable swing stops
      • Dual Source Hydraulics: Wet Kit and Power Pack
      • Gooseneck Mounted Swing-out Lights & Rear Facing Work Lights


      The main deck on this 53 foot lowboy trailer is 24 feet long with a 23 inch deck height and 6 inches of ground clearance.  It features outriggers for hauling wider loads.

      • 24′ deck length
      • Loaded deck height: 23″
      • Ground Clearance: 6″
      • Double Drop four beam design
      • Low profile front-loading ramps, c/w grouser bars
      • Pin-jointed connection to rear frame
      • Outriggers on 24IN Centers – 8′ – 6″ Flush Deck
      • Two pair of D-Rings on Front Ramp
      • D-rings
      • Two Pair of Deck Mounted Pull-up Chains
      • Bolt-on Chain Tray
      • Bolsters with Chain Pockets – 8′ – 6″ and 9′-0″ Wide
      24 foot main deck with outriggers


      • Aspen squaretail design
      • One pair of flag holders, c/w Aspen wide load flags
      • One pair of D-sign holders installed on 29 1/2” centers


      This Aspen tri-axle lowboy trailer has an air ride suspension with a rear lift axle.

      • Axles: Steel Hub, Cast Drum – 8′ – 6″ Wide, Rear Axle Air Lift
      • Suspension: 75k Air Ride with Shock straps


      • Wheels: Polished aluminum outer, machined aluminum inner
      • Tires: 275/70 R 22.5 Goodyear


      • Regulated air override & brake releasing valve mounted in protected control box
      • Air and Electrical gladhand bracket
      • DOT 12V system, 7-way electrical connector with LED rubber grommet lighting
      • Auxiliary Battery for Markers and Strobe Lights


      This 2+3+2 lowboy trailer, booster and jeep have been sandblasted, primed (two part polyurethane high solids) and painted Aspen standard color (2 part polyurethane topcoat) with conspicuity tape

      Tri-axle lowboy with rear axle lift

      Lowboy Jeep Specs


      • Length: 24′ 9″
      • Width: 102″


      • Tractor Swing: 84″
      • Jeep Swing: 168″
      • 5th Wheel Height: 50″
      • Kingpin Height: 50″
      Lowboy jeep with 84" tractor clearance


      • Narrow, fixed gooseneck
      • Full fabricated high yield main beams
      • Huck-bolted design
      • 2-speed premium landing gear
      • Fifth Wheel: 24” slide
      • 2 Pair of Chain Pockets for Lifting lugs
      • Mudflaps


      • Emergency brake release
      • Air slide 5th wheel
      • DOT system, 7-way connector with LED grommet lighting


      The suspension on this Aspen lowboy jeep is an air ride system.

      Tandem axle lowboy jeep


      This lowboy jeep, like the trailer, has polished aluminum outer wheels.

      • Wheels: Polished alum. outside wheels, machined alum inside
      • Tire: 275/70R22.5

      Lowboy Booster Specs


      • Length: 19′ 2″
      • Width: 102″
      19' 2" lowboy booster


      • Ground Clearance: 14″
      • Pin-on style connection for Square Tail Trailer
      • Two pair chain pockets
      • Oversize/D-sign holders at 29.5″ centers and flag holders
      • Lightweight light bar bumper
      • Mud flaps


      • Hostler valve, air override & emergency brake valves
      • DOT 12 Volt system, 7-way with LED lights
      • Strobe lights at rear of lowboy booster


      This lowboy booster has air ride, just like the lowboy and jeep.

      • Suspension: 50k lbs Air Ride


      Like the lowboy jeep, the lowboy booster has all aluminum wheels.

      • Wheels: Aluminum
      • Tire Size: 275/70R22.5
      Lowboy booster with aluminum wheels
      Custom Order
      Tax & Licensing Fees May Apply
      Trailer Type Lowboy
      Make Aspen
      Year 2019, 2021
      Capacity 65 Ton
      Condition New
      Suspension Air Ride
      Trailer composition Steel

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