2019 Manac 48′ Flatbed – Closed Tandem Axles



Manac Closed Tandem Axle Flatbed

Midco Sales has a new 48′ closed tandem axle flatbed trailer in stock at its dealership in Chandler, AZ.  This trailer features aluminum outer wheels, air ride suspension and a coil package for hauling steel coils.


Trailer Specs


  • Length: 48′
  • Width: 102″
  • Floor height: approx 59 1/2″ at front, 54″ at rear
  • Weight: 10,347 lbs


  • Coupler plate: 1/4″, 80,000 PSI steel, plug welded structure
  • King pin location: 30″ from front
  • Coupler height: 48″


  • Combo construction
  • Crossmembers: 4″ high extruded aluminum I beams, 16″ center to center.
  • Floor: Aluminum w/ 4 apitong planks
  • Side rails: 4 3/8″ x 5 11/16″ high, extruded aluminum
  • Side boxes: 3 5/8″ x 1 5/8″ inside, 4″ high, extruded aluminum
  • Rub rails: Aluminum extrusions 3/8″ x 2 3/4″. Single rub rail spacers 1″ x 1 3/4″ as anchor.
  • Corners: Bevelled
  • X braces: Between main beams, full length.
  • Coil package: Bracing for coil (45,000 lb max). Made of 6 crossmembers 4″ @ 3.2 # between additional main beams and crossmembers.
  • Front rail: Bolted aluminum extrusion, 7″ high, overlapped floor to allow floor plank to walk underneath.
  • Bumper: CMVSS 223-RIG approved (in accordance with Canada & USA regulation). Galvanized (G164) steel, bolted uprights to frames, 4″ x 4″ cross bar formed tubing at a maximum height of 22″ from under tubing to ground. 2 rubber docks at the end of rear rail
  • Rear rail: Formed steel, galvanized

closed tandem axle flatbed


  • Closed tandem 23k axles
  • Hendrickson INTRAAX air ride suspension


  • 16 1/2: standard H20 Hendrickson lining
  • Slack adjusters: Meritor automatic, 28 splines
  • Seals: MFM, “Miles Free Maintenance System”. Including National “Gold” seals, Axilok spindle nuts, National hub caps, with “Gearlube” mineral
  • oil, SAE 80W90.
  • Brake chambers: T.S.E. brake, “Omnibrake” (30-30), (push rod 9 3/4″).


  • Wheels: Alcoa aluminum 22.6 x 8.25 outer wheels. Steel inner.
  • Tires: Continental 11R22.5 HT3 Eco-Plus, 14 ply

closed tandem axle flatbed


  • Glad hands: Fixed
  • Air valves: Automatic blow down valve, WITHOUT control box, including glycerin filled pressure gauge in P.S.I.mounted in web of frame,
    to indicate load with a conversion table.
  • Valves: Blow down valve on REAR axle, controlled from the cab, activated when the cruising speed is lower than 16 Km (10 mph), warning light installed road side facing the axle when the blow down valve is activated, without brake release


  • Front connector: 7 way
  • Front add. connector: 7 way for aux functions


  • Grote Ultra Blue LED, selaed beams, tail ligihts, marker lights, ID lights, license light
  • Flashers: sealed beams LED, one lamp including side marker and flasher, each side at middle point, amber
  • Tail lights: Sealed beams, red. Qty 1 additional each side


  • Winch track: Sliding track, full length, LL extruded aluminum, both sides
  • Winches: 24 Kinedyne zinc plated sliding winches (12/side)


  • Smooth aluminum 24 x 24 x 60 double door toolbox, road side


  • Sand shoes: 10″ x 10″
  • Crank: road side


Sales tax, title/license fees may apply

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