Kenworth Jerr-Dan Rotators In Stock

Midco Sales has 3 new Kenworth rotator tow trucks for sale at its Jerr-Dan dealership in Chandler, AZ.

These 50/60 ton rotators have 3 stage booms, Jerr-Dan underlifts and either Jerr-Dan JFB Gold or Silver storage bodies.

Kenworth T880 Rotator Chassis

These Jerr-Dan rotator towing and recovery vehicles are all built on Kenworth T800 chassis.  They have Cummins X15 engines, producing 605 horsepower, and Eaton Fuller 18 speed transmissions.

These trucks have 5 axles (front, stearable pusher, and rear axles) and all aluminum wheels.

Jerr-Dan 50/60 Ton Rotator Specs

The Jerr-Dan rotator bodies include 3 stage booms and 5 winches on each truck.

Jerr-Dan outriggers add the needed stability when using the full lifting capabilities of these rotators.

The underlifts have 3 section hydraulic booms and 25,000 pound tire lifts.

The Jerr-Dan bodies offer ample storage compartments for fifth wheels, frame forks, rotary chain packs, binders, snatch blocks, and all needed tools and accessories.

Jerr-Dan Dealer In Arizona

Midco Sales is the Jerr-Dan dealer in Arizona, promoting their line of rotators, wreckers and roll-back tow trucks.  We also sell all Jerr-Dan parts and accessories at our truck and trailer parts store.  And we provide service and repair work on any Jerr-Dan tow truck — including warranty service — at our truck and trailer service center in Chandler, AZ.

Call our sales department at (480) 999-0607 or visit the Jerr-Dan dealership in Chandler, AZ, to learn more about any of our Jerr-Dan tow vehicles in stock.

Jerr-Dan dealer in Arizona