Kalyn Siebert Trailers

Kalyn Siebert trailers for sale at Midco Sales in Chandler, AZ.  As an authorized Kalyn Siebert dealer, Midco Sales promotes their line of lowboys and custom heavy haul trailers.

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Kalyn Siebert Trailers For Sale

available 2 cars
2019 Kalyn Siebert VersaMAXX
2019 Kalyn Siebert VersaMAXX
  • Lowboy
  • Kalyn Siebert
  • New
  • 53'
2019 Kalyn Siebert Hydraulic Sliding Axle
2019 Kalyn Siebert Hydraulic Slidin ...
  • Traveling Axle
  • Kalyn Siebert
  • New
  • 53'

About Kalyn Siebert Trailers

Kalyn Siebert is a global manufacturer of specialty heavy haul trailers.  Their trailers are known for delivering maximum strength at light weights and low maintenance costs.  Kalyn Siebert builds trailers for the transportation, construction, oil and military industries.

Kalyn Manufacturing began manufacturing trailers in the late 1960s.  In 1991, they purchased Siebert and entered the heavy haul trailer market.

Kalyn Siebert builds commercial heavy haul trailers ranging in capacity from 25 to 250 tons.  They specialize in designing and manufacturing custom trailers to meet each customer’s individual and specific hauling needs.

Kalyn Siebert
1505 West Main Street
Gatesville, TX 76528

(800) 525-9689


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kalynsiebertTX/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kalyn_siebert/