Hydraulic Tail Trailer Choices

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What is a hydraulic tail trailer

Hydraulic tail trailers offer the perfect solution for hauling construction and agriculture equipment like lifts, rollers, forklifts and paving machinery.

Hydraulic tail (or traveling tail) trailers have goosenecks similar to drop deck trailers but feature hydraulic tails that can be tilted or folded out and lowered to the ground for easy loading. These tails can also be raised for reaching loading docks.

Hydraulic Tail Trailers At Midco Sales

Midco Sales is a semi trailer dealer located in Chandler, AZ — a suburb of Phoenix. We are an authorized dealer for some of the top manufacturers in the construction and over-the-road trailer industries.

Our inventory includes hydraulic tail trailers from Landoll and XL Specialized. Continuing reading to learn more about the hydraulic trailer products offered by these manufacturers.

hydraulic tail trailers
Midco Sales, located in Chandler, AZ

XL Specialized XL80 Power Tail

XL Specialized has been producing lowboy trailers and specialized heavy haul trailers since 1995. It introduced the Power Tail trailer to its line-up in 2016.

Power Tail Features

The XL Specialized Power Tail trailer is ideal for hauling medium-duty construction equipment. The tail is comprised of an 8-foot-8-inch platform ramp and a 60-inch fold-under tail. The low 10-degree load angle and traction plates allows for safe and easy loading of machinery.

This trailer has an 80,000 pound capacity and the rear tail can lift up to 25,000 pounds. The overall length is 48 feet; and the main deck measures just over 30 feet long. Stake pockets and chain slots provide versatile load securement configurations.

Utilize The Upper Deck

A nine foot pop-up ramp connects the main neck to the gooseneck, allowing machinery to be loaded onto the upper deck. The ramp also has traction tread plating.

An 18,000 pound winch at the front of the trailer assists in loading inoperable equipment or static loads. The winch assembly includes 75 feet of cable and a wireless remote control.

A ramp connects the lower and upper decks

View the XL Specialized XL80 Power Tail in Midco Sales’ inventory

Landoll 930 Traveling Tail

Landoll has been the top manufacturer of equipment-transporting trailers for over 55 years. It’s line of hydraulic trailers sets the standard for the industry.

Landoll 930 Highlights

The Landoll 930 traveling tail trailer offers easy, safe operation and a longer wheelbase that increases payload.

The 930 trailer measures 51 feet long (California legal) with a 38 inch loaded deck height. The rear tail is 15 feet long and has a lift capacity of 24,000 pounds. It provides an 11-degree load angle and can be tilted up to a 57 inch dock height.

The new models are part of Landoll’s Next Generation trailer series, which sees an improved hydraulic system that reduces the operational time over older trailers.

A 12,000 pound winch is mounted at the front of the gooseneck. And, like the XL Power Tail, a ramp connects the upper and lower decks.

Utilize the entire length of the Landoll 930

Polished aluminum wheels, high visibility lighting and the Landoll decal package add to the visual appeal of this trailer and are marks of the quality Landoll is known for.

The Landoll 930 is available in white or black.

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To learn more about the availability of these hydraulic trailers — or any of the trailers in our inventory — call the sales office at (480) 999-0607. Or visit the dealership to see these trailers in person.

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