Hydraulic Tail Gooseneck Trailers

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Hydraulic Tail Gooseneck Trailers For Sale

Midco Sales has two new hydraulic tail gooseneck trailers in stock at its heavy trailer dealership in Chandler, AZ, just outside of Phoenix:

Hydraulic tail (or traveling tail) trailers have rear ramps that hydraulically fold in and out from underneath the rear tail of the trailer.  These ramps allow for the easy loading and unloading of machinery like rollers, forklift and paving equipment.

Midco Sales is an authorized dealer for Landoll and XL Specialized, which both offer hydraulic tail trailer models.


XL Specialized XL 80 Power Tail

XL Specialized introduced the XL 80 Power Tail trailer in 2016.  This 2018 model measures 48 feet long and 102 inches wide.  The main deck is just over 30 feet and has a 36 inch loaded deck height.  The trailer has an overall capacity of 80,000 pounds.  The tail is comprised of an 8 foot 8 inch platform ramp and a 60 inch flip tail, and is capable of lifting up to 25,000 pounds.

Hydraulic Tail Gooseneck Trailers

A nine foot pop-up ramp connects the lower deck to the gooseneck, allowing for easy loading onto the upper deck.

Hydraulic Tail Gooseneck Trailers

The 18,000 pound winch with 75 feet of cable is installed on the gooseneck to assist in the loading of inoperable equipment or static loads onto the trailer. This winch can be remotely operated with the included wireless remote control.

Outer polished aluminum wheels and LED lighting add to the impressive appearance of the trailer.


Landoll 930D-51-15

Landoll has been a leading manufacturer of hydraulic equipment-transporting trailers for many years.  In 2015, Landoll introduced its Next Generation Landoll line of trailers which features a new, improved hydraulic operating system and Grote lighting package.  The new Landoll 930 series benefits from increased operational speed and high-visibility lighting package that inreases visual awareness and safety.

Hydraulic Tail Gooseneck Trailers

The 2018 Landoll 930D-51-15 measures 51 feet long and boasts a 70,000 pound capacity.  The rear tail can lift 24,000 pounds.

A 12,000 pound winch with air release is installed on the front gooseneck.  A six foot air-operated deck ramp connects the main and upper decks.

An included wireless remote control operates the winch, axle travel, dock arm and ramp.

This trailer has a Neway air ride suspension system and outer polished aluminum wheels.


Financing Available

Midco Sales works with trailer and equipment financing companies to provide the perfect loan options to its trailer customers.  Complete a credit application to begin the financing process.


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Midco Sales is located just outside of Phoenix, AZ, in Chandler.  The dealership is just off of Interstate 10.  Visit the dealership to see any of these hydraulic tail gooseneck trailers in person.