High Capacity End Dump Trailer

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High Capacity End Dump Trailer

If you’re in the market for a high capacity end dump trailer to haul various types of construction material including scrap metal and concrete, look no further than the new CPS high side demolition end dump.

High Capacity End Dump Trailer


High Sides, High Volume

These half-round end dump trailers measure 40 feet long, 102 inches wide, with 100 inch sides.  These dimensions produce a hauling capacity of 89 cubic yards.  The eight inch, five stage, inverted trunnion mounted hoist creates no internal doghouse (space needed to accomodate cylinder) to maintain.

High Capacity End Dump Trailer


Durability and Safety

CPS demo end dumps are constructed with AR450 steel so they can withstand the use and abuse that comes with hauling construction material, rip rap and large boulders.  The bulkhead, gate, sides, and floor are all built using this damage-resistant steel.

The 50,000 pound single point suspension system keeps all eight tires on the ground which provides greater stability when the trailer is in the upright position.  And the half-round design helps center the load to make dumping easier and safer.  The half-round shape is also more dent resistant than flat-bottom end dump trailers.


CPS Trailer Dealer

Midco Sales is the authorized CPS trailer dealer in Arizona, promoting their line of steel end dumps.  In addition to the demo end dump, Midco Sales also has a 38-foot CPS steel end dump trailer in stock.  Midco Sales’ truck and trailer service facility can perform all service and repairs on any end dump, including tarp installs and CPS trailer warranty repairs.

Contact the sales office at (480) 999-0607 to speak with a sales associate about CPS demo end dumps or about any of the end dump trailers currently in stock.