Flatbed Trailers For Hauling Coils

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Flatbed Trailers For Hauling Coils

Midco Sales has flatbed trailers for hauling coils in stock at it’s heavy trailer dealership near Phoenix, AZ.  Hauling steel coils is a specialized and Federaly regulated type of hauling.  Coil weights can range from 5,000 pounds to over 60,000 pounds.  Trailer manufacturers now add extra reinforced coil packages to their flatbed trailers to accomodate these extreme concentrated steel coil loads.  These additional crossmembers between the main beams increases trailer strength while decreasing floor damage.

Flatbed Trailers For Hauling Coils


Manac Combo Flatbeds & Drop Decks

The new Manac flatbed and drop deck trailers at Midco Sales all feature coil packages.  The Manac 53 foot combo drop deck has a 40,000 pound coil kit made of additional main beams and crossmembers located at the center of the trailer.

Flatbed Trailers For Hauling Coils

The Manac 53 foot flatbed and the 48 foot flatbed trailer both come with 45,000 pound coil reinforcement packages.

Flatbed Trailers For Hauling Coils

All these Manac trailers have aluminum outer wheels, toolboxes and air ride suspension systems.  And they feature sliding winch tracks to provide proper coil securement.


Reitnouer MaxMiser Aluminum Flatbeds

The Reitnouer MaxMiser aluminum flatbed trailers also feature reinforcement between the main rails to accomodate coil loads.  These trailers measure 48′ x 102″ and weigh approximately 9,200 pounds.

These trailers have winch tracks on both sides, strap retainers, air ride suspension, aluminum wheels and two toolboxes (one on each side).


Coil Load Control Parts

Buying the right trailer is the first step to legally and safely transport coils.  Contact Midco Sales’ parts department at (480) 999-0607 to order coil racks, straps, chains, tie-downs, winches and other cargo control parts and accessories.


Contact Midco Sales Today

Midco Sales is the authorized dealer in Arizona for both Manac and Reitnouer trailers.  Visit the dealership in Chandler, AZ, — just outside of Phoenix — to see any of these trailers in person.  Or call (480) 999-0607 to speak with a trailer sales representative.