Double Drop Trailer With Flip Axle

A Midco Sales customer just took possession of a new XL Specialized XL 80 double drop trailer, and immediately put it to work transporting machinery.

XL Specialized double drop trailer
XL Specialized XL 80 with flip axle

This XL Specialized XL 80 MFGL trailer is a 48 foot double drop trailer with mechanical detachable gooseneck.  It has a 29 foot main deck and a 40 ton hauling capacity.

This customer purchased an additional flip axle to add extra stability for heavier loads.  The flip axle can flip up and lay on the rear deck when it is not needed.

Learn More About XL Specialized Double Drop Trailers

Midco Sales is an authorized XL Specialized trailer dealer, promoting its line heavy haul trailers including double drop trailers and lowboys.  Contact the sales office at (480) 999-0607 to learn more about any XL Specialized trailer.