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CPS is a brand of trailers manufactured by Manac.  Midco Sales is a CPS trailer dealer, promoting its line of belly dump and end dump trailers.

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About CPS Trailers

CPS Trailer began in the 1980s, producing semi trailers for the construction and agriculture industries.  In the mid-1990s, the demand for dump trailers surged and CPS built 500 trailers in 1995.  By 1998 CPS built 900 trailers including belly dumps, end dumps and live-floor refuse trailers.

In 2002 Canadian company, Manac, purchased CPS Trailer and its Oran, MO, headquarters to expand its trailer production in the United States.

Under the CPS name, the company continues to manufacture grain hopper trailers, aluminum and steel end dumps, and belly dump trailers.  A network of dealers promotes the CPS line of trailers throughout the country.

CPS Trailers
8593 State Highway 77
PO Drawer K
Oran, MO 63771