16 Tire Expando Lowboy

16 Tire Expando Lowboy Trailer

Midco Sales has a 16 tire expando lowboy trailer for sale at its heavy trailer dealership in Chandler, AZ.  The 2018 XL Specialized 90MGX lowboy is a new product from the Iowa-based heavy haul trailer manufactrer, XL Specialized.

16 tire expando lowboy

The rear deck of this trailer expands from 102 inches wide to 120 inches wide, using a pair of eight inch cylinders.  The added width accommodates axle laws in California.   It is the perfect trailer for transporting heavy loads in the western United States.

16 tire expando lowboy

The lightweight design (total weight: approx 17,200 pounds) allows for an impressive 90,000 pound hauling capacity.

The low profile style gooseneck measures 12 feet long and has variable king pin settings and swing clearance, allowing drivers to shift various amounts of weight to their truck.  The neck is removable to allow for loading at the front of the lowboy.

16 tire expando lowboy

Its main deck measures just over 23 feet long and has a 24 inch loaded deck height and eight inches of ground clearance.  A five foot bucket well provides space for an excavator bucket to sit, allowing the arm to ride low.

Swing-out outriggers are installed to assist in carrying larger equipment.

The walking beam suspension system with greaseless bushings allows this trailer to be pulled over rough terrain with confidence.

The rear deck measures just over 10 feet long.  The loaded deck height is 33 inches.  It includes a beavertail with traction aids for loading from the rear of the trailer.

Polished aluminum wheels add to the impressive appearance of this expandable lowboy trailer.

expando lowboy


Contact Midco Sales

This trailer is in stock at Midco Sales.  Call a sales representative at (480) 999-0607 or visit the dealership just outside of Phoenix to learn more about this expandable lowboy trailer.

Midco Sales is the XL Specialized trailer dealer in Arizona, promoting its line of heavy haul trailers.